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How does your tax preparer's knowledge and fees stack up to their competition?

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The average fee for preparing a 1040A and State return is approximately $248.00. Extras cost...extra. Such as school district tax returns, city returns, etc.

 Jackson Hewitt charges roughly $400 with the State, but they do not prepare any city returns. Also, they will not do your school district return if your employer withheld for the wrong school district, which boggles my mind. Aren't that what tax preparers do? lol I was told the reason they don't do those returns is because their tax preparers don't know how to do them right. Ummm....something is definitely wrong with that picture.

 H&R Block is a little cheaper than Jackson Hewitt and they do everything, including city returns.

 No matter who you go to, once they prepare your return, if you aren't happy with their fees, you can always take your tax documents and go somewhere else.

 If you feel like your tax preparer doesn't "know" what they are doing...don't feel obligated to let them file your tax return. Take your tax documents and go to someone that does know what they are doing. After all....the IRS makes YOU, the taxpayer, ultimately responsible for your tax return. Even though there are some penalties to tax preparer's, you are still ultimately responsible for your tax return.

 Do your research before you go! Ask your friends, family, church, co-workers, etc. who they go to or who they recommend.  It's better to find somebody that you feel comfortable with and stay with them.  Some tax situations require carry forwards that will get missed if you are hopping from tax company to tax company.  Also, it's always preferrable to bring the prior years' tax returns when going to a new tax preparer.  Just keep that in mind if you are going to someone new this tax season.

Choosing a Tax Professional

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Tax Questions?

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What are some tax questions that you have, which you may be facing this upcoming tax season?

Welcome! Questions?

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Hello, All !  

I want to take the time to thank you for coming and browsing around our website!  We are here if you have any questions.  In addition, we will be blogging once a week on new financial topics as well as tax topics.

Stay tuned...and in the meantime, Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding business, payroll, bookkeeping, &/or taxes.